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Products Range
Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers
Features and Benefits
  • 7” High Resolution Touch Screen LCD Color Graphical Display SUPPORTS USB PEN DRIVE TO STORE / RETRIEVE MASS SPECTRAL DATA .
  • BUILT-IN PC Control with Advanced capability for Data Processing, Processing, Storage, Retrieval, Interpretation, etc.
  • Background correction with D2 lamp source.
  • Auto Burner Height Optimization, and maximum ABS adjustment of burner through membrane keyboard.
  • Auto Flame control.
  • Integral Microcontroller based auto gas box with all safety features.
  • Supports USB Printing with PCL Class Printers.
Range 185 to 900 nm
Bandwidth Auto select in 8 steps from 0.1 to 2.5 nm
Range 0 to 2 Abs
LIGHT SOURCE Hollow cathode lamp (HCL)
BACKGROUND CORRECTION Deuterium Lamp (D2 ) - Optional
BURNER Titanium construction, Premix, laminar flow, 100 mm burner for Air  – Acetylene (C2 H2 )
FUEL Acetylene (C2 H2 )
OXIDANT Air/Nitrous Oxide (N2O)
FLOW CONTROL Optional: Integral auto gas control system and panel flow meters, Automatic flame change over.
SAFETY FEATURES Full safety interlock including pressure sensors, power failure, Protection, auto ignition, flame failure detection & burner recognition.
NEBULIZER Pneumatic, with 90% platinum and 10% iridium alloy capillary
Sample feed rate 3 to 8 ml/min (adjustable)
Built-In Advanced Capability 1. Absorbance, 2. Concentration (standard addition and calibration), 3. Curve fit (Quadratic and Least Squares), 4. Energy Profile, 5. Emission, 6. Printing MS Office Tools
MONOCHROMATOR Czerney Turner 1/3 m with 1800 lines/mm holographic diffraction grating and hard coated optics with full temperature compensation. Reciprocal, linear, dispersion is 1.5 to 2.0 nm/mm
DETECTOR Wide range Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT)
SYSTEM UPGRADATION Instrument can be upgraded to hydride and cold vapor generator
** Models, Features and Specifications subject to change without notice **
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