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Products Range
Conductivity Meters
Description "Conductivity meter of the super class"
Professional measurement
  • Linear & non-linear temperature correction
  • Selectable reference temperature (20°C or 25°C)
  • Procedure for automatic α- coefficient determination
Professional calibration
  • User-definable standards including their temperature dependence
  • Multipoint conductivity calibration
  • Automatic standard recognition of the 5 predefined conductivity standards
  • Entry and display of cell constant
Complying with USP/EP standards
Provides a special mode for measuring conductivity according to USP and EP (United States / European Pharmacopeia) methods.
Inclusive in every
The Seven electrode stand provides even more convenience and efficiency. The user-friendly direct pH PC software archives your results quickly and securely.

All expansion possibilities can be found in the accessory list.
Features and Benefits
User-friendly operation
The back-lit display shows you all the important information at a glance, even in two-channel operation. Context-sensitive help assists you with every step.
Automation increases efficiency
Efficiency is significantly increased using peripherals such as sample changers and bar-code readers - not only for high throughput applications.
Security has priority
PIN-protected The operation of the instrument and general system settings such as date and time can be protected through the use of a personal code.
GLP excellence SevenMulti™ lets you enter up to 12-place sample, user and sensor IDs - you can even use a bar-code reader. Furthermore it features an excellent data management with 1000 GLP measuring points and 400 GLP calibration points.
Calibration reminder This useful function reminds you that a calibration is due after a user-defined period. The instrument can be set to block its use once this period has been exceeded - until the next valid calibration has been performed!
Specifications - Conductivity Meter
Temperature range °C -30.0 to 130.0
Temperature resolution °C 0.1
Temperature accuracy °C ± 0.1
Display Custom LCD
Conductivity range 0.001 μS/cm to 1000ms/cm, autoscaling
Cond. accuracy +/- 0.5%
TDS range 0.1 mg/L ... 1000 g/L
Salinity range 0.00 ... 80.00
Digital Model
  • Forconductometric titrations of acids, bases and specific organic compounds in aqueous & non-aqueous and biological media.
  • Extendable to measure total dissolved solids.
  • Temperature compensation from 0 to 50 ° C (Manual), Capacitive .
Range 0 to 20, 200 mS
Accuracy ± 1% full scale
Repeatability ± 1% full scale
Readability 1 Unit
READOUT 3 1/2 Digit 7 Segment LED Display of 12.7 mm height
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