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Products Range
Gradient Thermal Cycler
Standard Thermal Cycler (Thermocycler)
The Standard Thermal Cycler is a high performance, modular, Thermal Cycler (Thermocycler). The unit is driven by the latest peltier based thermal engine and a 6.4 inch colour touch screen controller which provides the largest high resolution touch screen available in this class of thermal cycler (Thermocycler).
This model uses ausb network to connect and drive up to three further thermal cyclers creating a mini network with any combination of S-line satellites.

All units can concurrently run their own individual protocols and a convenient summary screen shows the all thermal cycler runs in real time.  Each piece of data is recorded on a unique GLP file.
An intuitive user interface facilitates rapid program creation and execution of even complex protocols including touchdown, time and temperature increments and hot starts. Lid pressure can be adjusted to give high or low pressure for if you are using microplates or tubes.

Four independent thermal engines deliver rapid ramp rates, of up to 3.5°C per second, excellent block uniformity and superior performance. Thermal Blocks can be interchanged in seconds without tools and options include 96 well 0.2ml / microplate; 48 x 0.5ml/ 48 x 0.2ml combi block, a 384 well microplate block for high throughput laboratories and a Microarray/Slide block.

The minimalist design and silent running hides a unit that is packed with power delivering maximum thermal performance and an uncompromising sample uniformity of only +/-0.4°C after 15s at all cycling temperatures.

 A full thermal cycling protocol can be set up on a single screen in seconds. An intelligent program creation wizard will even automatically generate an optimized protocol from primer sequence, amplicon length and origin of the target sequence.
The unit is universal voltage (100V – 250V) and comes with a standard warranty & can be extended on request.
Technical Specifications
Temperature range of block, °C 4 to 99 with simulated tube and microplate control algorithms
Sample accuracy, °C ± 0.4 (20-99°C) ± 1 (4-20°C)
Sample homogeneity, °C ± 0.4 after 30 seconds (30-99°C)
Sample volume range, μl 5 to 100
Ramping rate, cooling, °C per second up to 3.5
Ramping rate, heating, °C per second up to 5
Sample overshoot, °C < 1
Thermal Blocks
Block materials Nickel coated aluminium blocks with four rapid response temperature sensors. Gold coated silver blocks with four rapid response temperature sensors
Traceability Calibration using NIST traceable standards
Block supplied 96 x 0.2 ml; 48 x 0.2ml/48 x 0.5ml; 384 well or 4 x slide/microarray block.
Gradient, non gradient and ultragradient blocks available.
User Interfaces
Touch Screen 6.4 inch colour touch screen
Communication interfaces 1 x USB
Pressurised Heated Lid
Lid temperature 115-120°C
Lid pressure Adjustable for tubes and microplates
Power and Dimensions
Electronic power supply 100V-240V
(w x d x h), mm
Weight , Kg 48kg
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