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Laboratory spectrophotometer(Model Fx)


  • Improve site-to-site comparability of results with controlled sample temperature 
  • Avoid sample solidification with the integrated heater
  • Ensure measurement accuracy with easy to clean, removalble sample chamber
  • Save benchtop space in your QC laboratory with smaller instrument footprint

The Model Fx solves the temperature problems associated with consistently measuring the color of edible oils and addresses the need for quickly delivering accurate results. Misreading from crystallization can be eliminated with its ability to keep the oil at a constant temperature and report the temperature of the sample.


  • Guaranteed Temperature Consistency
    The Model Fx solves the temperature problems associated with consistently measuring the color of edible oils and addresses the need for quickly delivering accurate results. If samples are not properly prepared prior to measurement, turbidity caused by the crystallization of the samples will lead to inconsistent readings. The integrated sample cell heater ensures consistent and uniform temperature throughout the sample resulting in accurate measurements.
  • Optimized for Production Environment
    Reliable and repeatable test results are key to ensuring final product quality and minimize production costs. Speed of analysis is vital for efficient process control. Simplicity of operation helps reduce errors and increase productivity.  The instruments aluminum housing is chemical resistant and intended to withstand the hazards of the production environment.
  • Save Costs, Misinterpretation and Potential Disputes
    Suppliers and buyers need a common language to communicate and determine product quality.  The Model Fx automatically reports key measurements to ensure that data is collected in a consistent manner and is reproducible by different users or across multiple sites.  Should disagreement occur between supplier and customer, this additional information can help resolve any dispute, saving time and costs.
  • Ensures Compliance to Standards
    The Model Fx measures color according to the RYBN,RY10:1, AOCS RY, Chlorophyll & Beta-Carotene scales which are commonly used in the Edible Oil Industry. The accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of data provided by the instrument allows for tighter color specifications and greater color consistency, giving companies the confidence needed to make important decisions regarding high value commodities and refining operations.
    Applicable Standard AOCS Cc 8d-55
    AOCS Cc 13b-45
    AOCS Cc 13d-55
    AOCS Cc 13e-92
    AOCS Cc 13j-97
    BS684 Section 2.20
    Chinese GB/T 22460-2008
    IS 548 (part 1)-2010
    ISO 15305
    ISO 27608
    MS 252 : Part 16
    MS 817 : Part 12
    Color Type Transparent
    Wavelength Range 380 - 780 nm
    Wavelength Accuracy 0.2 nm
    Spectral Scope < 15 nm
    Photometric Range 0 - 100 % T
    Photometric Linearity ± 0.01 % T
    Stray Light < 0.01 % T
    Detector Spectrometer
    Interfaces USB
    RS 232
    Portability Benchtop
    Touchscreen No
    Input Voltage 110 VAC, 250 VAC, 60 W (24 V)
    Compliance CE
    Languages User Interface English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Chinese
    Dimensions 301 x 152 x 331 mm
    Weight 5.16 kg